Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kanneliya Forest (Visiting Place )

Close mouton 
Rest hut
<<< This is Seminar Hall located in kanneliya. It is so usefull for school student for getting all important details about Kanneliya Forest..It is available audio, video and projector facility and 100 seat.

Bathing Place

Snakes in Kanneliya
Green Pit Viper

Chart of Repties in Kanneliya

There are many spacies of snakes in Kanneliaya. It's about number of 36.

 FamilySri LankaKanneliya
Blind Snakes (Typhlopidae)10080100
Sheild-tailed Snakes (Uropeltidae)15150303
Pythons & Boas (Boidae)02010100
Cobras, Kraits & Coral Snakes (Elapidae)05030201
Vipers & Pit Vipers(Viperidae)06030402
Old world colubirds (Colubridae)44192511


Waterfalls of Kanneliya



Wild Grapes

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