Sunday, November 8, 2009

Snakes of Kannaliya

36 species of snakes, including 17 endemic forms, belonging to six families have been recorded from kannaliya. Within the reserve, a higher diversity of reptile fauna is found in the middle kannaliya areas. Those included Blind snakes, Shield tailed snakes, Python and Boas, Cobras, Vipers and many more. Dumutu Kanaulla, , Pimbura, Pala polanga Thith Polanga, Kunakatuwa and especial of them Depath naya.

Several species of colubrids are usually encountered in the Narangas Ella, Anagimal Ella and Kabbale kanda nature trails, the grebe whip snake being the most common snake. Other common species includes Bonze-back snakes and rough-side snakes.

Checklist of snakes recorded from KannaliyaBlind snakes (Family Typhlopidae)Ramphotyphlops braminus - common blind snake - Dumutu kanaulla
Shield-tailed snakes (Family Uropeltidae)Cylindrophis maculata Pipe snake Depath nayaRhinophis blythii Blyth’s earth snake GomarathudullaUropeltis melanogaster Gray’s earth snake kaluwakatulla
Python and Boas (Family Boidae)Python molurus Indian python Pimbura
Cobras, Kraits & coral snakes (Family Elapidae)Bungarus ceylonicus Sri Lankan krait Mudu karawalaNaja naja Indian cobra Naya
Vipers & Pit vipers (Family Viperidae)Daboia russelii Russell’s viper Tith polongaHypnale hypnale Merrem’s hump-nosed kunakatuwaviper PolonthelissaHypnale nepa Millard’s hump-nosed Mukalan thelissviperTrimeresurus trigonocephala Green pit viper Pala polonga

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